How to make different types of podi

Vatha kuzhambu powder preparation
The ingredients required and measurements are as follows
  • Dhania or coriander 3 cups , urad dhal 2 cups ,  gram dhal 2 cups , 1 1/2 cups toor dhal
  • One cup jeera or cumin seeds , one cup milagu or pepper 
  • One tea spoon fenugreek seeds , little rice and 10-15 byadgi chillies
  • All except chillies are to be dry roasted separately because the roasting time is different for each
  • For chillies add a little  oil and roast so that the oil takes care of the hot vapours emanating 
  • Or dhania and urad dhal are roasted separately
  • Then gram dhal and  toor dhal  are roasted Then cumin seeds , pepper , rice and fenugreek are roasted
  • Finally the chillies are roasted.
  • Allow them  to cool in air
  • Dry grind in a mixer and store in an air tight container.
  • It can also be used as sambar powder

Vatha kulambu podi recipe through images

Detailed description is given above for vatha kuzhambu podi recipe


Now we know how to make vatha kulambu podi 
Spices powder  for mixed rice 
  • This podi can be used for increasing the flavour of mixed rice like potato rice  or potato , tomato and capsicum rice
  • Ingredients required are dhania - 2 table  spoons , gram dhal one table  spoon , few red chillies
  • Optional ingredients are lavangam ( cloves ) and cinnamon bark 
  • Dry roast in a hollow vessel and grind in a mixer 
  • This powder can also be used to increase the flavour of bhindi or ladies finger fry or potato fry
  • This can be stored in a dry container and used when ever needed

Bisi bele bath powder recipe 
Bisi means hot bele means dhal in Kannada , it is called bisi bele huli anna which translates into hot dhal sambar rice.  This is one of the most popular recipes of Karnataka now followed in many other states because of it unique taste and flavour.  Like many other recipes there are different methods of making it I share my method which is authentic method handed over by my mother   It is also called mandi sambar bath  and cooked in a special stone vessel.
The ingredients are two table  spoons dhania , one and half  table spoon gram dhal ,  one tea spoon fenugreek , khas khas or grated dry coconut , cinnamon and cloves.  I have used Kashmir red chillies .  It gives excellent flavour and colour .  The quantity is usually 10 to 12 chillies.  Since it is not very hot if needed we can add few common chillies also if we want bisi bele bath hot and spicy.
Take a little oil and roast all the ingredients except grated coconut.   Grated coconut is added finally as otherwise it can get over cooked.  When the dhal turns golden brown in colour switch off the stove.  Allow the ingredients to cool.  When they become cool dry grind in a mixer to get a fine powder.  Bisi bele bath powder is ready .

Sambar sadam powder recipe ingredients
Refer description above to know about what is happening in the images


Ingredients are ready to be ground into powder

Sambar sadam powder recipe is ready

Fenugreek mustard seeds powder ( kadugu vendhaya podi )
One part fenugreek and one part mustard seeds have to be dry roasted and ground in a mixer.  This powder can be stored in an air tight container.  When added to pudina thokku , tomato thokku and coriander or kothamalli thokku it gives a fine flavour.  This powder is to be added finally , the thokku stirred well and the stove switched off.  If we boil after adding this powder fenugreek will make the thokku bitter.



Idli milagai podi ( powder ) recipe 
  • The required ingredients are one measure urad dhal , half measure gram dhall, asafoetida, 10-15 red chillies and one and half table spoon white  sesame seeds.
  • First dry roast white sesame seeds till the colour changes
  • Next add a little oil and roast the urad dhal, gram dhal , asafoetida and chillies
  • When the dhals are roasted we get a fine "fragrance "
  • Roast the salt required for idli milgai powder
  • I add a little jaggery and that is optional
  • Dry grind in a mixer
  • As the name suggests it is a fine  side dish for idli and of course dosa with oil
  • Some use it as a side dish for curd rice without oil !

                                      Ingredients for idli mulagapodi
                                    Idly milagai powder is ready
Dry chutney powder recipe
  • A simple side dish for rice , idli and dosa or chapati
  • The ingredients are urad dhal  one measure , quarter measure gram dhal , one tea spoon mustard ,
  • asafoetida , 10 to 15 red chillies and a small  piece of tamarind
  • Dry roast urad dhal without oil on medium flame till the colour changes
  • Then dry roast gram dhal also separately
  • Roast the red chillies with a little  oil and tamarind
  • Then add mustard and asafoetida. Finally roast the salt  required also.
  • Allow them to  cool, grind in a mixer and store in an air tight container 




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