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Benefits of kolam rangoli singificance

 There may be many answers to  this question .  A beautiful explanation I received through a Whatsapp forward recently.  A wealthy businessman with his family had the darshan of Mahaperiya  🙏🙏 ( His Holiness Jagathguru  Shri Chandrashekharendra Saraswathi Mahaswamigal or  the Sage of Kanchi ) The rich businessman  had many problems in life and so sought the blessings of Saint to overcome them. He asked the Saint "Why do I face so many problems " Mahaperiya asked him whether his family had the tradition of drawing kolam daily at the entrance of the  home He said "Yes " Swami asked him who drew the kolam.  The businessman's wife  replied that it was drawn by the servant. Swami smiled and replied , "Drawing kolam is the way of offering Pooja to Bhoomadevi to whom we are indebted.  Since your servant draws the kolam , she gets the blessings of Bhoomadevi" So let us follow His advice and draw kolam daily at the entrance of our homes and get the Blessings