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Rangoli with dots 7 pulli kolam

This collection of rangoli designs / muggulu designs also for n ice and easy Diwali rangoli designs   with 7 dots are suitable if you are looking for simple patterns or designs for learning, for festivals and occasions.  The pulli (vecha ) kolam details are shown through intermediate steps for learning and reference. 7 pulli simple kambi kolam - If the rangoli colours quality is good we can draw using them also instead of white kolamaavu as is evident from the design below 7 pulli 7 varisai kolam  A very very easy kolam shown below.  The patterns at the corners are one of my favourites, beautiful aren't they. Simple 7 dots rangoli kolam through 2 images Why does one need to know or practice many rangolis. Why do we need to combine the many motifs, designs in various combinations to arrive at new designs.  Why would one need free hand designs and rangoli with dots.  All these questions are answered when we know the philosophy behind the art of rangolis.  Rangolis are draw