Rangoli - 11 dots designs with steps

In the series of rangolis with dots, the next is 11 dot rangolis.  Of course I have not yet drawn 7 dots rangolis in separate posts, but have drawn them in Rangoli-sans-dots. Also rangoli with 10 dots are due
.  However, for whatever reason, or no reason I have decided to draw some rangolis with 11 dots

11 to 6 dots muggulu , simple and easy

This can be drawn as a part of a bigger rangoli for Pongal or New Year too. 

The pics below show the steps for this rather simple design .  Two photos showing the intermediate steps are however shown for reference .


Connecting the dots for the 11 pulli kolam , simple 


Colours make the simple rangoli more beautiful

.11 dots kolam or muggulu with 11 dots for Sankranti
Here is the next  rangoli.
The next step for the easy 11 dots chukki rangoli
This 11 to 1 chukkala muggulu was created by me for my social media accounts on Blogger and YouTube.  
It is a 11 to 1 dot ner pulli kolam.  After placing the dot template, draw the four petal floral design at the centre.  Then draw the V shaped designs on all four sides.  At the edges, draw simple and small flowers with four petals.  The remaining dots are also filled with two  petal designs with curved lines between them.  Fill with a few colours to get the image shown below.   It is a very simple rangoli. Since this post is on rangoli with 11 dots, there is rangoli with 11 dots in Pulli kolam designs.  It is also with 11 dots the dot grid is 11 to 6 idukku pulli. The images in black and white show two intermediate steps of this rangoli design
    Next comes a 11 dots kolam with colour                                       

This 11 pulli kolam step by step through the pics


Another step for the eleven dots kolam


The next rangoli in the 11 dot series, above.  There is a heavy influence of free hand design in this rangoli, because that's my style and my blog rangoli-sans-dots.  Place the dot template 11 to 1 (ner pulli).  Draw the outermost four designs or motifs first.  Next draw the central swastik like design.   Connect the outer motifs to the central pattern with some designs connecting the dots. Use the remaining dots as shown in the video.  Finally add some curved lines on the outside patterns.  I have filled it with few colours blue, orange and yellow to get the rangoli design in the image.  This can also be drawn as a free hand rangoli. Since it is a relatively difficult design, referring to the video in my channel may be helpful. Also, there is a simpler version using this motif in simple rangoli with five dots.
Same kolam in white rangoli step

muggu -with-dots-1612a.jpg
Two more images showing the steps for this awesome traditional rangoli with 11 chukki
muggu -with-dots-1612c.jpgmuggu -with-dots-1612b.jpg
11 dot pulli kolam or dot rangoli
This kolam is with a dot pattern 11 to 6.  Unlike other kolam designs this has been drawn differently. The dot template has been placed with white dots and the complete design has been drawn with yellow lines.  The flowers have been drawn with pink colours and filled with light pink.  The gaps have been filled with tendril like patterns in green. The video when viewed will give a better idea. 
  Common kolam with 11 dots or common chukkala muggulu
The next rangoli with 11 dots is a simple design that is used quite commonly and frequently.  It can be classified as one that comes under daily rangoli or kolam design.  Though the final figure has stars and rhombuses that are inter connected.  I have tried what I think is simpler method.  Draw a hexagon at the centre.  The image below shows which dots are to be connected to get the hexagon.  Draw six more hexagons intersecting the central hexagon as shown in the image on the left below.  Then connect the remaining dots as shown in the second image by drawing lines through the points of intersection as shown.
I think that this method may be easier that connecting the dots to form the rhombuses.  The beauty of this design is star shaped patterns that are formed at the centre.  I have added rhombuses on the sides of the rangoli as shown ( filled with white and pink colours ) we can also stop before this so that final overall picture of the rangoli will represent a hexagon.

The next rangoli is using 11 to 6 dot pattern - the theme birds and fledglings swimming  around a floral pattern.  As usual two images showing the steps
Birds kolam with 11 dots for Pongal kolam or New Year kolam
Intermediate steps for this chukkala muggulu 11 dots 

One more birds muggulu for Sankranthi ( or Margazhi kolam with dots ) using dot grid 11 to 6. The steps are shown through the images .  The birds may be considered to represent ducks.
The steps for the 11 pulli kolam in the photos above and below
11 dots kolam with colour , adding minimum colours is a rangoli tip to complete the design quickly
Flowers kolam / rangoli with 11 dots for Pongal or Sankranti muggulu
This is a rangoli design with floral patterns and the dot grid used is 11 to 6 idukku pulli.  The result is six small six petal flower patterns around a central six petal flower.  The two images showing the intermediate steps will be useful for drawing this rangoli.
11 pulli flower kolam with colours for festivals and functions
                    11 dots parijatha poo kolam for Margazhi kolam
This old type chukki rangoli will be beautiful and awesome if the dots are connected with lines without joints 
White kolam is shown add few colours so that the beauty of the main design is retained
These kolam can be drawn for Margazhi kolam with dots also.

This is a common kolam with 11 to 6 dot pattern also called poo kolam of flower kolam.  Some also call it a parijatha poo kolam.  Though it is simple with just three petaled or lobed flower around the periphery.  Connect the lines at the centre to the flowers through the dots needs some practise for those trying it as a learner.
Another variation of this kolam popular in our family during Margali or Dhanurmasam - not only is it easy it is also very beautiful.
Dhanurmasam chukkala muggulu | Sankranti muggulu with chukkalu
Few steps for the lotus kolam design with dots
Colourful rangoli for Bhogi or Sankranthi too.
This one of the easiest and commonest muggu that can be drawn for Dhanurmasam when we have lots of dotted muggulu.  Since it is quite simple I have shown only two intermediate steps.  Hope they are self explanatory,  what we get are flowers that resemble the lotus.

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