15-8 dots muggulu duck muggulu designs

One more popular muggu drawn for festivals like Sankranti or New Year.  For such occasions we can fill the muggu with beautiful colours.  


Mark the dots as shown in the image below with circles .  This will be useful as reference for drawing the ducks.

Proceed to draw the ducks one by one

Another view of the birds being drawn

A close up view of the muggu

Next mark the eyes of the ducks inside at six positions as shown .

Using the eyes as reference draw the ducks one by one

This image shows drawing of the ducks in progress

Fill with colours,  I have decorated with shades of white rangoli only

Connect the head to the central floral design


There are many methods of drawing a rangoli with dots.  Free hand designs flow from our imagination and hence it is better to follow it to  create one.  Dot muggulu on the other hand can be drawn in several methods.  It is like solving a math problem.  There may be many methods but we must try to find the easiest method.  I try to share an easy method from my experience in drawing 
these designs for decades.  Even when I try  new muggulu design with dots intuitively I try to proceed with the easiest method.  The results are evident from the comments I get on YouTube and Facebook.   Don't to become tired, where from do you get so much energy my viewers ask.  Actually it is the feedback, doubts from the viewers of my videos that drives me and gives me energy to keep going despite my busy schedule as a home maker.   


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