Duck kolam designs with dots steps thru images

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This blog post may have information on 
a) chukki rangoli 15 to 8 Deepavali with colour
b) 15 to 8 chukkala muggulu

Adding colours to a rangoli gives an awesome effect.  
The picture below shows the step after drawing the central pattern.  I have started showing the steps from the second duck so that we can have the first of the ducks as reference
Photo shows next step for this beautiful 15 to 8 pulli kolam 
The trick is connecting the dots to form the head and neck in a single stroke in this otherwise simple rangoli.  This enhances the beauty of the kolam 
Another image and another view of this 15 dots rangoli design
One more view for reference .  I am of the view that more the number of pics
 showing the steps the easier it is learn and follow 
A grand design for dot wali rangoli for Dhanteras 
Instead of filling the entire pattern we can shade as shown also to save time  

Probably this can be considered as a ubiquitous rangoli during the festival Pedda Panduga or Sankranti.  It is preferred that though it s a 15 to 8 dots chukki rangoli it can be drawn quite easily.
Happy Pongal 2019 to those who follow my blog !

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