How to draw lotus rangoli with 5 dots

Along with the rose , lotus is the most sought after flowers for our rangoli designs.  Hridaya kamalam for example is a lotus design drawn only in the Pooja room. 

Lotus is considered to represent Goddess Lakshmi .  This simple 5 dot kolam I created for our daily purpose rangoli that we need for our vasal kolangal.  

How to draw lotus kolam | thru step by step images
The dot pattern is 5 by 5 and then 1 dot on 4 sides at the centre


Drawing the first petal ( front view of a lotus )

Connecting the dots to draw the second and third petal

Connecting the dots to draw 4th and 5th petals


Draw lotuses on all four sides
The gap at the centre filled with floral pattern connecting all the lotuses
Lines in the petals to represent a lotus densely packed with petals


Further decorations are left to our imagination.  The more the designs ,  more beautiful is the rangoli


This idea may also be used for simple thamarai kolam , kamala rangoli simple .

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