Shanku muggulu with dots thru images

Shanku rangoli with dots | Shanku ki rangoli | Ekadashi kolam 

I have shared the white muggu with dots.  Add colours and display it in front of your house as a beautiful Sankranti rangoli or New Year muggulu


The dot pattern is 15 to 8 - idukku pulli or in between dots ( colloquially ) As usual mark the center of the rangoli wtih the pattern


Then draw the designs on either side as shown in the next  photo


Drawing the shankh designs touching each other can be somewhat tricky so I have added lots of pics to show the steps in detail


The picture shows how the shankhu muggu progresses

Now I think we will have a better idea of how the muggu with conch patters evolves.

A close up view showing how I grip the rangoli powder and release it to get the designs.I use  commercially available white rangoli and rice flour in the ratio 3:1 and mix them well so that we get the benefits of both while drawing the designs.


The remaining dots are  used to draw any pattern of our choice that fit the dots.  I have drawn the same designs

Of course it can be made a colourful muggu by filling it with colours for our Sankranthi ( Pedda Panduga ) and Navaratri muggulu designs. 

A similar muggu I drew during Dhanurmasam 2018 at the entrance with few colours - shanku chukki rangoli 


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