15-3 dots rangoli for Diwali thru images

Simple rangoli designs for Sankranti | Diwali rangolis with dots

This is quite an old rangoli design.  I have added 4 birds in this rongoli because that is how I remember seeing it on a wall of a neighbour when I was a child.  

Though the dot pattern is 15 it is very simple because we use only straight lines to connect the dots.
The image below shows the final picture after the colours are filled.

A close up of the first step,  connecting the dots with lines
 view showing how the rongoli progresses


Connect the four sides with straight lines to get a box
This image shows how the various similar patterns are placed on the dot grid


Connect with step like design ,  very easy is it not !


Now we are nearing the completion of the kolam except for the 4 dots


Connect them with swastik like patterns.  For information of those who question the use of swastik -  it is a very holy symbol used only in Puja rooms and has been in vogue in India for many centuries probably one or two millennium.  Since it not exactly a swastik I have used in this rangoli


These birds on four sides are small and cute , may be incongruous but revives childhood memories for me

You may wonder why I upload some images with green glass bangles .  It is our family tradition to wear 4 green glass bangles between two gold bangles.  This has been my trademark ! on YouTube.

When I changed or removed them ,  there was objection ( anbu thollai  we say in Tamil ) requesting me not to change or remove the glass bangles.  I was moved and pleasantly surprised as to how closely I am being observed on my videos on YouTube. 

Since then invariably I wear them for all my kolam videos on YouTube and Facebook and hence I make it a point to upload some images on my blog with bangles.  I feel showing the hand also helps in highlighting the position of the line in the kolam and helps the readers focus on how the kolam is progressing.  This post may have information on 15 chukki rangoli or pull vacha Pongal kolam.
Festival greetings to all !

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