Rangoli in greeting card Happy New Year

 Whether it is New Year , Diwali or Dasara if we make our own greeting card it gives us a lot of satisfaction.

Having said that, the concept of sending greeting cards by post is uncommon nowadays.  Still we can make them and send by mail , WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. 

We can have different types of designs .  There are hundreds or thousands of rangoli designs on Rangoli sans dots that will be suitable to be drawn on the cards. 

Write Happy New Year, Happy Diwali or Dasara on one side and decorate it with colourful borders using a sketch pen . 

On the other side draw a free hand rangoli ( preferably ) and decorate the corners with borders and corner rangoli designs.  Also decorate the empty space with motifs

 You can select from this website. The result, awesome hand made greeting cards of festivals .

1) Greeting card ideas - 1 


 2) Greeting card ideas - 2                       
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Two simple ideas for decoration  I made long back.  Add the year for which you are wishing.  
More beautiful and intricate patterns are possible depending upon our imagination.

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