Simple New year rangoli kolam designs

 The kolam below can be considered to be a floral design with many layers of petals of various shapes.

 Again add colourful lines parallel to the white design to get this simple but beautiful rangoli. 

A white version of this rangoli has been uploaded elsewhere.

 Comparing both will give us an idea how colours can influence the attractiveness of a rangoli design.

 No intermediate steps for this simple rangoli in the pictures below for reference the image in colour is itself self explanatory.  

A kolam without dots inspired by jewellery ( ear ring or thodu in Tamil  !) Try also for simple Sankranti rangoli

The rangoli below  (with blue and brown petals) is another of the many floral designs I have tried in Rangoli-sans-dots  The flower at the centre has been surrounded by one more flower.  

The edges of the petals of the outer flower and in between them some simple patterns have been drawn. 

 Then colourful lines are drawn inside the rangoli to get the image as seen below.  In both designs the gaps can be filled with colour rangoli powder.  It will be more suited to the the first kolam

I learnt this art from my mother , particularly after dinner when there was time to spare after a hectic day ( for my mother ) .


The floral pattern below looks nice even without this enhancement.  Hence probably it is better to leave it as it is.

Creation of a without chukki rangoli can be compared with the blossoming of a flower.

The art of stringing flowers I learnt from my grandmother.  

She taught us first with leaves and only when we ( all sisters ) became perfect with tying leaves we were allowed to use flowers.  This is something similar to simulation used presently in various activities.

We were to use only vazhai naaru ( the fibre obtained from the "bark" of plantain tree . 

 We removed the naaru from the flower garlands used for Pooja the previous day (s).  The art of recycling taught by my grandmother !

Now this is classical double line kolam.  The full image has been shared to show how we can decorate the rangoli with beautiful and colourful borders.  Double stroke rangoli are beautiful without chukki rangoli designs.  

The tips for drawing 2 lines has been shared elsewhere in this blog.  Use the search option on this website to find it. 

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