Small chukki rangoli designs Deepavali

 How to draw easy chukki rangoli designs for Diwali festival using lamps as theme.  The pictures below show the steps.  Place a dot grid . 

It can be a square dot grid or  number  rows , columns can be different.

Connect the diagonally opposite dots from the top left corner to the bottom right corner with repeated elliptical patterns that intersect as shown

Whether a beginner or an amateur with experience , we all look for simple tips and tricks to create rangoli designs. However we are particular that the result should be beautiful too.

  This easy rangoli idea I have shared in this post should be useful to all of us.  These kolam can also be drawn for Navarathri golu ( display of dolls ).  

While choosing the colours check whether they flow freely ( they should not be floury) else use white rangoli and fill with colours.

In some images I have used different colours to make it clear.  We can draw with white or colour rangoli powder . A simple trick to create beautiful rangoli patterns.

Dots or very short lines can be placed around the diya to make it look more natural.  Yellow , orange and red colours are preferred for the deepam


Deepa rangoli with 2 by 2 dots | Rangoli border with chukki

Can we draw very small deepa rangoli with dots.  Yes it is possible.  Place 2 by 2 dot grid to the length you want. 

 Connect the diagonally opposite dots with elliptical patterns as  in the pics above.

  We can draw with white rangoli or with different colours.  Add deepa or diya patterns on the top .  Light lamps on the top to get a very simple rangoli for Diwali 


The dot grid for the triangular shaped lamp rangoli  is 2 rows of 9, 1 row of 7 dots, 1 row of 5 dots and 1 row of 3 dots.  Fol;ow the same method as in the previous chukki rangoli by making elliptical patterns with two different colours.  
One more deepa rangoli with chukki - the chukki pattern can be decided by us based on the size required . We can draw big size or small size rangoli using this simple rangoli tip

We can also draw pairs of  lamps in rangoli too

One more idea for a simple chukki rangoli .  

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