Ugadi thoranam step by step images

 Festival thoranam decoration - also for Sankranthi , Navaratri

Thoranam made from coconut fronds that are yellow-green in colour Occasionally we can make it at home. The method is quite simple..  First cut two pieces of frond so that two thoranams can be tied together and hung on the door way. First remove the frond on either side of the rib. 

Then take the right side element to the left as shown in the image below


Next bring the element on the left to the right behind the rib of the frond


The next step is shown in the pic below

After bringing the element  from behind the mid rib insert it in the part of the frond on the right that is folded on the left!.  Pull ends extending on both sides of the mid rib.  With this one element of thornam has been completed as shown in the pic below.



Now press the thoranam gently to flatten the elements as much as possible.  Repeat the process to get a thoran of length you desire..  With this few elements of the  thornam have been completed as shown in the pic below.


The image below shows how to decorate with mango leaf and thoranam


 If is for a  Pooja mantap for festivals like Ganesh Chavithi , Varalakshmi Vratham  it can be of smaller length.  If we want is to hang on both sides of the entrance or Pooja room we can increase the length.  It is a very simple and eco friendly craft idea. 

 If we do not want experiment with coconut frond we can try with paper first.   Usually two thoranam are tied together and hung from a nail.  For this  the end is made thin and long.

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