Mother's Day special rangoli




Mother's Day is as important as Women's Day.   The thousands of rangoli designs I have shared in this blog I owe them to my mother.   She was an expert in free hand rangoli .  She drew very big rangolis with and without dots particularly for Sankranthi .  She lived in a  town called Vijayanagaram near Vishakapattinam.  Pedda Panduga as she called Sankranti was very important to her.
She was very much fond of double stroke rangoli .  For those who are following me on social media like Blogger, YouTube and Instagram may have noticed I also love double line rangoli designs.  In fact I share only a few of them because it may not be easy for many particularly for those who want to learn this simple Indian art. 
So for Mother's Day I have shared a parallel line rangoli with and without colours.  In fact this was also one of her favourite designs.  
Rangolisansdots is popular in its niche. I remember her  gratitude for  giving me this art 
An addition to this post - My daughter's gift for Mother's Day - a quilling card . Nice idea isn't it.

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