Simple Republic Day rangoli

A  step by step illustration of a simple and small rangoli that can be used as a Republic Day special .  It is based on Warli art.  The theme is all Indians ( people have been shown in different colours ) are united in holding the tricolour.

First picture for an easy Republic Day rangoli


Next pic for this simple rangoli design for Republic Day


Hence the use of the colours saffron, white , green and blue.  This may be useful as an easy rangoli for children in school.  

The completed image of  small Republic day rangoli kolam with colours 


The next rangoli uses a special technique.  After all we have have to try something unique for special occasions.  The two pics below show how to pick two  colours and draw two lines of different colours .  It is not easy but attractive 

Tips for drawing this Republic Day special rangoli with a unique teechnique

The rangoli below has been drawn using this technique.  First saffron and green lines have been drawn simultaneously.


Then the white line has been drawn with kola podi between the two colours 

Add spirals and other patterns for decorating the rangoli design. Even for the short lines and dots I have used orange, green and white . Quite a small yet awesome rangoli because of the difficult technique adopted.

Many types of rangoli are possible for the auspicious celebration of  our Republic Day. 

 Using the colours in the tricolour symbolically represent  and remind us of  the two important days in the history of our country. - Republic Day and Independence Day.  

Please note drawing two parallel lines that are visible separately comes with practice.  Drawing two parallel lines of different colours demands more practice . 

 We should ensure that the colours do not mix when the rangoli powder flows between the fingers.  Anyway it is worth it.  

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