Gadapa muggulu designs for houses

A collection of simple muggulu designs on gadapa or side designs for your reference. What I have shared is what I learnt from my mother.  She insisted on drawing wriggled lines on both sides of the straight lines on the door step 

If you are searching for  a) gadapa muggulu latest designs or b) main door gadapa muggulu designs
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We have a tradition of performing Pooja to the doorstep or doorway with flowers , haldi and kumkum  It is believed that Goddess Lakshmi resides there.

Any Pooja requires drawing of rangoli designs .  We need suitable rangoli for the space available due to the narrow width.

Some draw with chalk or use stickers but  I draw the traditional way with white muggu pindi .  This is my preferred method.  


Two versions of the floral designs - one lotus and another simple floral petals.  Decorate with kaavi if it is according to your tradtion.
Gadapa muggulu designs for houses , latest and new patterns 


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