Lotus chukki rangoli new design kamala

Step by step images for the chukki rangoli for competition
The next step - first draw the design in white  for the chukki rangoli design with colours 
Also known as rangoli kamal ka phool 
or kamal rangoli designs this big yet easy kolam can be added to your collection 
    Kamala rangoli design with 15 by 15 chukki -Step by step images for a kamala kolam.  This design is inspired by Maharastrian rangoli designs with dots.  They usually use a square dot grid.  The dot grid is 15 by 15 .  Start from the centre as shown in the first picture. Actually when we start a rangoli the dots will show up and ask to be connected.  After drawing the 4 lotus patterns on four sides using straight lines draw a petal at the base ( similar to how we open a kamala for decorating Goddess Lakshmi picture ) to make it appear more natural.  The remaining dots are completed with lotus buds and other patterns.  For this kolam , it is preferable to add colourful lines instead of filling up the entire design with colours .
    On social media like YouTube,  few viewers request me to post vlogs ( vlogs are videos showing a day in our lives at our homes ).  I am not comfortable with it .  I think my personal life should not be made public.  Since only my hand drawing rangoli is visible in most of the videos , occasionally I appear before the camera .  I also post some photos of me taken on various occasions .

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