Chukki rangoli big size Sankranti kolam

The elephant kolam design is a popular kolam with dots found in public domain.  It is also a popular kolam in our family.

 Just as we have "family song" in our movies, there are some rangolis with dots that have been  popular in our family for decades.  

This is one of them.

 Another using birds has been shown in an earlier kolam here in this blog .  More will follow in the future.

The dot pattern for this rangoli is 21 to 1 (ner pulli). 

First draw all the elephants one by one.  Then the central floral design is drawn and the remaining dots are filled with floral designs. 

 Finally the colours are filled and remaining gaps are filled with some colour, brown in this case.  Free hand decorations of the elephant are done

to complete the kolam with 21 dots this can be classified as a big kolam with dots.

There are many more kolam that need a dot pattern using 20 and 25 dots.  Since drawing them by the traditional method is time consuming,

 I will update this post as and when I add more rangoli designs of this type to my collection.   

The elephant-rangoli designs is  a rangoli with 21 to 1 dots intermediate steps are shown below. 

One image is  with only the elephants and canopied seat (called howdah or ambari ). 

 The gaps between two elephants is filled with a four petal floral design and the tusk as shown  That leaves only the dots at the centre. 

I have filled it with a common floral petal design which with colours filled is available in simple floral patterns.

 ( Simple kolam designs can be used independently as a kolam or as a part of a bigger kolam ).     

The first step shows only the four elephants drawn on four sides with the canopied seat and caparison ( a decorative cloth on the back )  .

 In the second step I have added the tusk(s) and floral patterns between the elephants.






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