Easy rangoli kolam designs with colours

Important Rangoli tip  Filling up rangoli with colours of our choice or suitable to the motifs or patterns used.

 Filling rangoli with rangoli powder also comes with practice because care should be taken to ensure that the colour of

 one pattern or design does not spill into the other. 

 However, if it happens, it can be corrected.  For example if we fill a rose with pink colour and we inadvertently

spill green meant for the leaves, on the pink petals, that can be corrected by adding pink again over the spilt green colour.

Drawing  neat and beautiful curved lines makes the rangoli very attractive though it is a very simple rangoli design. 

Colourful curved lines parallel to the white design can be drawn to  get a colourful design. Or leave it plain and simple.

These rangolis can be used as apartment kolams as they are called in Tamil Nadu. 

Apartment kolam are small rangoli designs drawn at the entrance of apartments due to constraints in space. 
Some designs in here may be suitable for kids too !

Rangoli very small kolam collection
for beginners, flats or apartments too 
Small and easy rangoli kolam
These designs are created by me.  However I share some common rangoli with chukki too on Facebook too, reluctantly.  I was pleasantly surprised by the feedback I got .

"beautiful design .... I had alsmost forgotten this design, the number of dots.  I could quickly reload the memories of making this rangoli on Fridays in the 1990s " 

So I have decided to share even common kolam , some one will definitely be benefitted .

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