Small and beautiful rangoli designs

The first rangoli is a unique one created by me.   Observe how simple it is to create birds in rangoli kolam art.  The birds resemble ducks, don't they.

All intricate details that are required in drawing or painting or not required here.  A simple free hand design to represent a bird will suffice.

 To further improve the rangoli the birds are shown carrying fruits.  Fill the rangoli with colours as shown in the image. 

It will suffice if we draw colourful lines inside the rangoli design.  A floral design with birds is ready for use.

 One of the easiest and best ways to make birds patterns ! It is not necessary to fill the entire rangoli with colours  in these types of rangoli. 

That is the beauty of this traditional art form.  We can depict birds and flowers quite easily .  It is not necessary to draw them with 

a piece of chalk and then drawn with rangoli powder.  We can represent Nature through simple images or patterns.

Rangoli sans dots as I named it was all about free hand rangoli particularly with double lines , initially.
The blog got a great welcome.

However several requests were received for simple rangoli designs so as to enable beginners to learn this beautiful art.

That is when I realised that it will not suffice if I share only the difficult 2 line version .  To encourage more people to practice

I began to share easy and small rangoli designs without chukki ( i.e without dots )/  Again there were requests for dot rangoli 

So I started creating and sharing rangoli designs with dots too.

This collection of simple and beautiful rangoli designs shared through the images below are with colour.

For daily purpose rangoli we can draw them with white rangoli powder and for festivals like New Year and Pongal we can fill fill with colours..                         

These rangoli / kolam designs may be useful for those who want small and simple designs for Diwali, Margazhi or Navratri

1) Simple rangoli kolam without dots 

2) Easy rangoli kolam
3) Small rangoli for door side
4) Small rangoli for Pooja room

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