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What is padi kolam

  Padi kolam designs of Tamil Nadu ( Awesome traditional rangoli with lines ) Traditional padi kolam are popular in South India. They have very simple and repetitive patterns.  For example, in the first rangoli aas square is formed with parallel and perpendicular lines.    The space at the centre has some simple decorations.- traditional designs or padi kolams (as they are termed in Tamil)  They are considered to be  auspicious.  It is believed that Goddess Lakshmi likes them very much.  Though they are simple without decorations or colours, tradition has it that they are drawn  for auspicious occasions. Since Rangoli-sans-dots is about rangoli without dots, primarily, posting of such designs is to show the wide variety of designs that are available to us as also because of the importance accorded to this type for marriages and other such functions (in Tamil Nadu, I hope it so in many other parts also ). They are popular in southern India.  These rangolis have a  kaavi  ( a red colour