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Plate art decoration ideas - thermocol , paper plate

Plate art Plate art decoration is an important branch of arts and crafts.  It is done on  paper plates, glass plates for wedding plate decoration, food plate decoration and for festivals like Diwali pooja thali  and Navratri aarti thali decoration - for decoration of kolu or for offering haldi and kumkum to guests.  However, some  traditionally offer haldi and kumkum on a silver plate. Some of the ideas for decorating thali or plates probably could also be used for Karva Chauth puja thali ( a festival celebrated in northern part of India) for which  a decorated plate is also required among many other requirements. Diwali aarti thali decoration with rangoli made with honey and cotton bud  What we need are , a clean plate, honey , semolina , rangoli colours and diyas. Dip the cotton bud in honey , draw the patterns or borders first .  Sprinkle semolina and shake gently the semolina sticks to the honey and the excess is removed.  Then the floral rangoli at the centre  is drawn.