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Very small pulli kolam - 2 dots rangoli

I f some said beautiful rangoli can be drawn with big dot grids only , these two designs may prove them wrong.  Though I repeated many times ,  I would like to reiterate that in these days finding time for drawing rangoli at the entrance daily in the morning has become a premium . Naturally we look for small and quick kolams for our daily kolangal.  Add the factor of space ,  flats offer very little space for drawing kolam.  Compare it with our house in a small town where we grew up , we had the entire courtyard at our disposal ,  so sometimes even our daily designs would be as big as Margazhi kolam. The chikka rangoli galu  below use 2 by 2 dot patterns Chikka rangoli with 2 chukki Sanna chukki rangoli with 2 dots 

Lotus kolam with dots for Friday Puja

After extending sixteen lines ,  place five dots above each line as shown in the images.  Follow the pics to learn the step by step procedure to draw the kolam.  Some call it the Vishnu Hrudaya rangoli just like the Lakshmi Hrudaya rangoli we usually draw.  It is preferable to draw it in the Puja room and for festivals like Varalakshmi Pooje , Diwali . As usual decorate with a  kaavi border.  We can make few decorations with kaavi inside the lotus too. Since the steps are repeated , it is quite easy to draw only thing is we should not lose our focus or else we may miss the dots.  For Lakshmi Pujan rangoli also , a traditional kolam. A unique kamal rangoli design. thamarai kolam for Friday  Sukruvara kamalada rangoli  Sukruvaram muggulu with dots step by step  Velli Kizhamai kolam through many pics  chukki rangoli , lotus design for Dasara One of the Varamahalakshmi Habba rangoli galu  Beautiful chukki rangoli for Varamahalakshmi Pooja