Very small pulli kolam - 2 dots rangoli

If some said beautiful rangoli can be drawn with big dot grids only , these two designs may prove them wrong.  Though I repeated many times ,  I would like to reiterate that in these days finding time for drawing rangoli at the entrance daily in the morning has become a premium .

Naturally we look for small and quick kolams for our daily kolangal.  Add the factor of space ,  flats offer very little space for drawing kolam. 

Compare it with our house in a small town where we grew up , we had the entire courtyard at our disposal ,  so sometimes even our daily designs would be as big as Margazhi kolam.

The chikka rangoli galu  below use 2 by 2 dot patterns

Chikka rangoli with 2 chukki

Sanna chukki rangoli with 2 dots 



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