Chikka rangoli galu daily purpose kolam

 As discussed already  for free hand kolam or rangoli  sky is the limit for our imagination we can expand the rangoli so long as there is space for drawing the design.

I have shared a gallery of 5  small rangoli designs for our daily rangoli.  Though they are small they may be tricky at a couple of places

If you are looking for chinna muggulu without dots or without chukki rangoli for your reference to draw quickly 

in the morning , this collection  of white rangoli may be drawn in a note book  so that you can access it easily without any delay.

Note the similarity between the first and second design.  The second design is almost an expansion of the first with few changes.

Star and flora patterns at the centre are one of the easiest ways to start drawing a rangoli while leaves, petals are used  to expand 





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