Circle rangoli design for Diwali

 I find that the terms mandala or rangoli are freely used for rangoli designs in many countries outside India just as we use rangoli or kolam in India. 

Since the word mandala is related to circle, let us have some circular designs as theme in this post.

In the first rangoli concentric circles have been drawn without any aids like templates.  When we draw circles with this method there are some limitations. 

Alternatively we can mark the circles using geometric aids or a piece of chalk tied to a thread

by drawing a number of concentric circles after holding one end of the string at what will be the centre of the circles. 

 After drawing the circles the route along the circles  can be over written with rangoli.

I prefer the former method usually because I feel it gives a more naturalistic appearance to the rangoli.

The rangoli is decorated with patterns inside .  As a result it turns into an awesome rangoli. The use of free hand lotus designs  make it suitable for Lakshmi Pooja too

White rangoli without chukki

round rangoli kolam
If you are also looking for gol rangoli easy and beautiful , round rangoli designs without colours, maybe one of these two kolam , you can try 

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