7 to 4 pulli white kolam mayil design

There is an artist hidden in all of us , creating and drawing kolam proves it . It is very easy to represent peacocks through rangoli

The step by step  images below will show how to draw a white peacock with seven to four odu pulli dot pattern

"Ethnic and homely "  " Beautiful rangoli and easy too.  keep up the great work .  All the best and good luck "  "Love the patience and time you invest in sharing these lovely pieces of art " .  These are some comments on Facebook

When I  get such positive feedback for my rangoli designs , it is natural that I am motivated to create more and more kolangal.

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This is the common mango leaf kolam theme that is converted into birds ( peacocks ) by replacing the leaf patterns

with spirals with "feathers" to represent the tail and of course the crown to represent easily a bird so beautiful as the peacock 
Simple peacock rangoli kolam designs through pics 
Simple mayil kolam with dots 

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