Kubera kolam with dots chukki rangoli

 Another auspicious kolam for Friday | Varamahalakshmi Habba

We can have a grand kolam with kaavi border..  It is also called kubera kolam .  I have shared this kolam in Puja room kolam category. 

 It is drawn in the Puja room or for the golu / kolu for Navratri.  The images below show the steps to draw this kolam.  The dot grid is the same as that used for Hridaya Kamalam kolam. 

Two more important Pooja room rangoli designs are Hrudaya kamalam and Aishwarya kolam You may want to know the steps. 

The beauty of this kolam is enhanced when we draw the straight lines ,  in a single stretch. Joints are to be avoided.

The lines also should be as thin as practically possible.  Thinner lines come with experience. Also take minimum kola podi.

One of the most beautiful rangoli designs with lines .  If you need the steps they are given , in the reverse order .

Place 5 dots in eight rows around a central dot 


Straighter the lines more beautiful the rangoli is 
Draw 5 lines of decreasing length and then connect to the dots as shown in the images 

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