Hostilu rangoli designs without chukki

This colourful collection of  rangoli designs for door step can also be drawn for decorating a bigger rangoli .

I have shared the designs with colour , you may use it as a white rangoli because usually we draw without colours for door ways.

Drawing rangoli and offering Pooja to door step with flowers, haldi kumkum is quite common in southern part of India.

flower patterns, usually lotus ,  leaves,  tendrils , spirals and a few other standard motifs are used because the space available is less .

After drawing the kolam in white we can also decorate with kaavi ( ochre like colour )  daily or on Fridays at least.

I also use neli ( wriggling lines ) on either side of the straight lines , particularly for door ways .  This practice I inherited from my mother 

color border rangoli
border muggulu with colours 


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