Artificial jewellery for wedding pics

Apart from rangoli and few other craft types I try to create, I also try some artificial jewellery designs on my own.  All craft ideas I do are amateur attempts    

 However I would like to share most of them that are relevant to the idea of Rangoli-sans-dots - rangoli, kolam and some art and craft ideas to do it yourself.

We can also use artificial or imitation jewellery a. ( made for this purpose -  if it made by us - it gives us a lot of satisfaction) 

Some of the jewellery made by me and used in various decorations are in the images below.  Trinkets in various designs are available ready-made  They have to be assembled  into a necklace.

  Our imagination is the key to get the final design.  Also, it is  time-consuming and needs lots of patience.

Artificial jewellery - necklaces, ear rings are quite easy to make.  What we need is time and patience.
All the parts of the jewellery are available separately. 

We have to purchase them and create them.

How to make imitation jewellery at home

For the necklace design in the image above - Take a metallic wire preferably gold or silver in colour (polyester or similar threads can also be used )

The yellow colour metallic beads at the top  are inserted in the metallic wire. Yellow is preferred for jewellery because it matches with the designs we have chosen for the other parts of the necklace.

 It is available in different colours and we can chose it according to colour of the remaining part of the jewel.

 We can have two or three beads  according to the gaps we require.  After the space created using the metallic beads one blue stone embedded in metal setting  is inserted in the metal wire.

 At the bottom of this trinket is a ring for holding a pendant.  The pendants come in different types.  I have chosen one with a set of pearls.

 The pearls have to be inserted one by one in the pendant through rings.  We can have one more set as shown in the image.  We can also add a locket or something similar at the bottom of the necklace.

I have tried with two rows of similar set of trinkets and pendants with the necessary accessories.

 We can reduce the number of trinkets in each row , gradually reducing the arc of the necklace to get a beautiful design.

 We can also have different colour combination in each row or in different rows.  The possibilities are infinite.      

Artificial jewellery kaise banate hain - simple ideas 
 This is second necklace idea - an artificial or costume jewellery, of course. 

 It is simpler than the previous one.  The procedure is the same using a metallic or polyester wire create the design with green stones.  Ear-rings are the among the simplest we can do in artificial jewelry. 

The stone setting in blue and white is readily available in the market (in India) with rings at the bottom. We have to insert the pearl pendants one by rings that can be closed with pliers. 

Again there are different varieties of stones, pendants and the combinations that can be got are many.

If you are looking for costume jewellery ideas , imitation jewellery ideas for saree to be made at home you can try one of these.  An awesome craft idea but it is time consuming.

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