Corner rangoli designs for Diwali kolam

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As the name suggests, they are drawn on the corner of a bigger rangoli pattern or at the corner of a room  

 They are actually  rangoli borders

It is natural to use flowers like lotus are used  for freehand rangoli designs with our own  decorations added to them.

I have to use more lotuses and other flowers, birds and animals for my freehand rangoli.

I have shared 5 ideas in white kolam ( after all I belong to the traditional school of kolam ) . 

These ideas can be used in colour. 

The name of the website is Rangoli sans dots .  So drawing free hand rangoli designs is my bread and butter.  I just love to create them. 

"Kolam and music combination is phenomenal... I am looking forward for more of these videos with a perfect blend of rangoli and music "  This is a feedback from one of  my social media accounts.

Actually classical Indian music blends well with kolam , I think.  Facebook offers a beautiful collection of Carnatic music songs 

edge rangoli designs without colour

edge rangoli easy 


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