border muggulu designs with colours

 Rangoli borders  may actually resemble jewellery in these parameters - beauty, intricacy.  Which of these two inspires the other 

As usual these designs can be drawn for the doorway or door step .  Also we can use them to decorate a bigger rangoli

We draw big rangoli designs for New Year and Sankranti.  It is customary to decorate them with borders at the bottom or at the sides .  

We need lots of simple designs for this .  Our imagination to create designs and patterns has no limits

These designs can be bookmarked to try them on various occasions or festivals . May be they can kindle our imagination to create new designs side border kolam.

Border kolam designs in this blog will invariably be without dots since the name is Rangoli sans dots !
However I have shared a few with dots too. 

 .                                                   border-muggulu-designs-with-colours-2110a.jpg


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