mehndi design in rangoli kolam images

This is a combination of two beautiful art forms 

The   white mehndi rangoli design   is a totally different type of design and it does no conform to geometry or anything in nature.

 I have tried some simple free hand patterns to which to spiral designs are attached outside and one inside. 

The entire portion inside and on the spiral lines have some patterns on them that have been drawn spontaneously according to my imagination.

 Hope it has come out well. Mehndi designs are drawn with mehandi cone that is available in the market.  I wanted to try with  kolam powder few without chukki rangoli designs in white.

1) Henna mehndi rangoli designs
2) White rangoli with mehandi theme
3)  mehndi designs for hands with kolam as theme
4) Mehndi rangoli design simple 
To draw these designs apart from the quality of rangoli powder , dexterity and control are important factors 

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