Deepavali chukki rangoli designs simple

 First chukki rangoli is with 5 dots . In case we are trying first time for Diwali rangoli  and are looking for a simple design 

a small version ( abridged version as my children say )

This kolam can be drawn independently or as the central design around which we can add free hand designs to get a bigger design

the dot grid is 5,3,1 . An easy white rangoli design for the ensuing festival season. The second rangoli  is with  7 by 4 chukki rangoli

The third design is 9 by 5 chukki rangoli .  Add colours to the white kolam to make it even more beautiful. 

In my opinion white rangoli are beautiful in their own way. The fourth kolam is with dot pattern 15 dots - 3 rows then 13  , 11, 9 up to 3 dots.

The rose buds are important for this kolam the other patterns can be according to our choice

There were a few questions about my "team"  because I have many social media accounts for rangoli designs.

My team has only two members Sudha and Balaji :)  i.e my husband and I.  His inputs particularly for this blog are infinite.

5 ,3,1chukki
7 to 4 chukki
9 to 5 chukki
For dot pattern refer text above

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