Dhanurmasam geethala muggulu pics steps

Dhanurmasam rangoli designs








The first design above is a traditional muggu for the Dhanurmasa decoration.  During the time between December 15 and January 15 it is a season for muggu with beautiful and colourful muggu adorning the entrances of many homes. Since my mother lived in Vizianagaram ,  I am aware of it and fortunately learnt a lot from her just by watching her.  Coming to the muggu I call it traditional because of the classical step like formation on all four sides.  After drawing the steps on four sides I have connected the inclined lines in a single stroke , we need steady hands that come with practice to do that.  After all the more we practice the closer we get to perfection.  The rest of the muggu is all about free hand decorations like spirals and more lines and these are according to our imagination.  We should choose patterns that may blend well with the main design.


The next muggu above,  I actually like it very much.  Most of the designs I think of after taking the rangoli powder in my hand expect of course some common ones with dots.  It is different from the previous one due to the centre which is not a square pattern.  Though the image may be confusing for some the steps below should make the it clear





This is a very beautiful, traditional muggulu with lines,  on first sight it looks simple and it is if we know where to start . 


The next muggu is made easy using a dot pattern - 5 dots 3 rows then 3 dots on either side.  It has a simple border on four sides and is decorated with lotus designs




Star muggu we can draw  during this month.  I have used orange we can also use kaavi lines inside to make is suitable for Sukravaram or Friday.


kolam for Pongal- Sankranti muggulu - rangoli designs

Sankranti lines rangoli | Pongal lines rangoli

Padi kolam or geethala muggu as we call rangoli designs with lines are traditional and old art of drawing rangoli or kolam .  This special and beautiful muggu  has been added for 2017 festival of Sankranti .
It is quite easy to make this lines rangoli design .


First rangoli with dots for Pongal kolam or Sankranthi muggu for 2017 festival

The latest rangoli  designs addition to this post that has predominantly free hand rangoli designs.  First a 14 dots kolam , a common floral design, a variation of the same the steps shown through images.

I have stopped at the white rangoli design, we can fill colours as per our choice and imagination.  Of course, choosing the colour combination , the right one is also to be given due importance.







In brief , this is a 14 dot two rows and then up to 2 dots kolam.  A common kolam it is , I have tried a variation of the same.  The flowers , the sepals are drawn in pairs on four sides.  Then the stalks of the flowers are connected.  Leaf designs are drawn between any two pairs of flowers.  This leaves the dots at the centre.  We can add designs according to our imagination and choice.  Add bright colours to show off this simple and beautiful rangoli design for Pongal 2017.  With bright colours it will be awesome to see at the entrance of our homes.  

13 to 7 dots rangoli for Pongal or Sankranti | star and deepam patterns | பொங்கல் கோலம் 

This is again a common kolam design with two layers of star patterns drawn connecting the central dots of the hexagon formed after placing the dot grid. Then draw the second star inside the first star.  Once this is done , the rest is easy because the dot grids that remain are small and we can form patterns of our choice quite easily.  I have used the dot grids outside the star to form deepam or lamp patterns so this kolam can be drawn for Diwali or Karthigai Deepam also.    Inside a common six petal  floral design with curved arms starting from the centre of the flower to connect the remaining dots , the arm travelling between the petals.  Add a few colours for celebrating and decorating for the harvest festival of Pongal 





Now a collection of 20 plus rangoli videos with dots , medium and big size designs for Pongal or Sankranthi


Sankranti rangoli designs / Sankranti muggulu

Some free hand rangoli designs that can be drawn for Sankranti muggulu with some steps are shown here. A basic floral pattern is drawn and developed further as shown in the images.   It is not necessary to fill the entire rangoli with colours,  by using the right combination of colourful lines we can get a very beautiful rangoli as is seen from the completed rangoli design





The next free hand rangoli for Sankranti is a birds rangoli design somewhat resembling a peacock.  The images show the steps for this rather simple design.  What starts as a geometric pattern is developed into a bird like rangoli design.  Add patterns inside the rangoli with designs of our choice, sprinkle a few colours and this rather easy rangoli design for Sankranti is ready .




 Pongal is a time for celebration, joy .  When ever we have festivals and festivities we bring out our joy and happiness through various ways.  Art is one of them.  On Pongal day we have colourful kolam adorning the streets.  Actually the gallery of kolam in a street appear as if there is a colourful carpet in the entire street.

Free hand, kolam with dots most of them big are drawn.  Pongal is in Tamil Nadu what Sankranti is in Telugu.  My mother called it Peddha Pandaga or big festival.  She used to draw a big kolam with 21 to 25 dot grid.  So it is natural that Rangolisansdots has some relatively big kolam with dots for Pongal or Sankranti

Free hand rangoli -  simple kolam I drew at the entrance -  with steps


The completed free hand rangoli for New Year  ( Puthandu kolam ) as we say in Tamil.  We can add the words around the rangoli using blue and colours used in the rangoli so that they match with the design.


A simple colourful free hand kolam that can be drawn for New Year rangoli for welcoming 2016 is shown through the pictures below.  A basic floral pattern is developed with patterns and motifs as shown to get a beautiful rangoli , simple rangoli designs some time may be our best bet to attract attention to our rangoli designs !




Simple free hand kolam for New Year

A simple kolam without dots that can be drawn for New Year or a central design for a bigger kolam.  Free hand kolam can be expanded as we wish.  The images show the steps - the design starts with big floral petals.








or a simple rangoli with dots - dot pattern is 9 to 5 for New Year.  The patterns are very simple we should add colours and designs inside to make the rangoli beautiful.

Another free hand kolam , that can be drawn for New Year 2016 or for Pongal 2016.  The black and white pics showing the intermediate stages for those who need it.



The kolam below is again a common kolam with dots.  Using sangu designs in the kolam we get a beautiful kolam.  The dot pattern used is 15 to 8.  The images in black and white show the steps





The next kolam muggulu is also with 15 to 8 dots ( idukku pulli ) again a common kolam.  After placing the dot grid draw the floral pattern at the centre and on the six sides.  After drawing the floral petals draw the lamp like shapes - three numbers as if they are meeting at a point.  Add a few colours to get a beautiful muggu with dots for Sankranti - it is quite easy too.







Another free hand rangoli for the Pongal or Sankranti festival in the images showing the steps.