Dhanurmasam geethala muggulu pics steps

The first design above is a traditional muggu for the Dhanurmasa decoration. 

 During the time between December 15 and January 15 it is a season for muggu with beautiful and colourful muggu adorning the entrances of many homes.

 Since my mother lived in Vizianagaram ,  I am aware of it and fortunately learnt a lot from her just by watching her.  

Coming to the muggu I call it traditional because of the classical step like formation on all four sides. 

After drawing the steps on four sides I have connected the inclined lines in a single stroke , we need steady hands that come with practice to do that.  

After all the more we practice the closer we get to perfection.  The rest of the muggu is all about free hand decorations like spirals and more lines and these are according to our imagination.

 We should choose patterns that may blend well with the main design.
Dhanurmasam rangoli designs

Traditional rangoli without chukki and with lines 
Few more steps for this padi kolamDhanurmasam-kolam-designs-1ae.png
Simple rangoli mostly with lines only


The next muggu above,  I actually like it very much.  Most of the designs I think of after taking the rangoli powder in my hand expect of course some common ones with dots

 It is different from the previous one due to the centre which is not a square pattern.  Though the image may be confusing for some the steps below should make the it clear
Pulli illatha kolam - kodu kolangal 

This is a very beautiful, traditional muggulu with lines,  on first sight it looks simple and it is if we know where to start . 

The next muggu is made easy using a dot pattern - 5 dots 3 rows then 3 dots on either side.  It has a simple border on four sides and is decorated with lotus designs


Star muggu we can draw  during this month.  I have used orange we can also use kaavi lines inside to make is suitable for Sukravaram or Friday.

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Small rangoli with dots

9 dots or pulli kolangal