Straight line kolam step by step images

There are a number of images showing in detail the steps involved in drawing this kolam.  This was created by me for New Year 2018 and Pongal 2018. 

We can also have these type of traditional designs apart from the the dotted kolam we use.  This kolam can be started free hand or with a 3 by 2 dot pattern to draw the first hexagon.  Three more parallel and bigger hexagons are drawn outside.  

e have padis on six sides covered with a gopuram like pattern.  Rest is filling the design with spirals , dots.  Decorate with a kaavi border as it is one of the traditional kolangal
Traditional rangoli designs with lines | पारंपरिक रंगोली

Line rangoli without chukki created for Rangoli sans dots 
Use of geometric patterns and straight lines 
Steps for the white rangoli 
Images showing the decorations which include 
dots, spirals , flowers 
Connecting with lines inside should be done carefully

Next let us have some pics of straight line category designs without steps for reference


Next is a traditional straight line kolam with tri-colours for Independence Day or Republic Day
A small traditional and beautiful kolam with lines.


Using lines and free hand patterns including birds we can get beautiful kolam designs also.  The image below is an example.  The floral designs can also be considered as the tail of the peacock like bird.  The idea is the birds admire the beauty of their tails !
Try this beautiful without chukki rangoli with  pecock designs

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