Sankranthi peacock muggulu step by step pics

Peacock muggulu without dots 
This is a free hand rangoli.  Once we are able to draw the peacock design, free hand rest is kid's play.
First draw the paisley pattern.  Then draw the head , neck and then the body and tail of the peacock.  If we do not get it right the first time , not to worry , we can try a few times till we get it right

Try this without chukki peacock rangoli for Bhogi too or as your Dhanteras rangoli 
Decorate inside the paisley with pattern made with different colours.  This pictures above should give visual information if we have doubts .  Then fill the peacock with different shades of blue.  Here our imagination can decide what we want.

 I have filled the top half with one shade of blue and the bottom half with another shade of blue.  We should fill carefully so that the colours do not spill.
However if by mistake some colours are spilled on the white rangoli we need not be concerned because invariably for this reason , the white pattern is drawn again after completing the rangoli

Inside using a cotton bud ( this is possible if you are drawing on a concrete or cement floor ) draw patterns according to your imagination and then fill it with rangoli colours.  Again filling colours in the groove should be done carefully because the margin for error is very less.  If we do it in a relaxed manner without thinking too much about it we can achieve it.  Try for Sankranthi 2018 .  Peacock muggulu are also popular during Diwali

Two  birds rangoli | A creative peacock rangoli
Simple peacock rangoli without dots , small and beautiful 

This design is a spontaneous free hand rangoli just as most of my free hand rangoli are.
They are twins probably !  A simple idea to create peacock rangoli ( నెమలి రంగోలి in Telugu )
This post may be useful for those who are looking for dotless rangoli particularly mor rangoli designs for Diwali , navili rangoli or Sankranthi nemali muggulu

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