Jhumka making at home step by step pics

Jhumka making at home step by step | Tutorial through images

The tools  are scissors, pliers and cutter.

The steps involved
a) Take ten strands of silk thread - ten is just a convenient number ,we can take more or less
b)  Cut excess length of string at both ends.
c) Apply fabric glue at both ends so that all the strands stick together
d) Apply glue to the  plastic base of the jhumka
e) Stick the silk  thread where we have applied glue
f) Allow it to dry so that is sticks  firmly
f) Insert the other end of the silk thread in the hole of the base
g) Continue this  till the entire plastic base is covered with silk thread
h) Stick stone chain to silk thread on the base
i)  Then make ear studs with canvas, mirror , chain ( follow the images below )

Artificial Jhumka collection 

Jhumka making material
The material we need are,
jhumka base, silk thread, eye pins,  metal beads, ear stud base, fabric glue , canvas , metal spacers, stone chain and craft spring

The advantage of using fabric glue ensures that even if we use in excess which we usually do when the excess glue becomes transparent when it becomes dry and hence it is not visible.








Metal spacers are used to increase the length


Stick mirror on canvas with fabric glue


Using a craft spring cut a coil.  This is inserted in the loop formed in the jhumka and the ear ring is inserted in this for free movement of the jhumkas.

Insert the pin in the jhumka base


Bend the other end with pliers to form a loop


The mirror and stone chain stuck to canvas would have dried.  Cut them with a pair of scissors


Past the ear stud to the backside of the mirror

Insert the ear ring in the loop formed in the jhumka

Navratri gifts for kanya | Silk thread jhumkas

The uses of learning this simple craft idea are many.  We can use them as matching ornaments for sarees.  We can offer them as gifts for kanya who visit our homes for Navratri golu.  We can also offer them as gifts for Varalakshmi Vratham in thamboolam or as a decoration for Goddess's Face.
I make them when ever I find time and have them ready to offer them as gifts to guests / relatives who visit our home.  

Jhumkas plus ear rings  using silk thread of different colors can be made at home during our spare time.    We can have them of many beautiful colours to match with our dresses - lehenga , blouse and of course sarees. .
I think you  will love these simple and beautiful ideas.

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