Star rangoli designs for Friday simple

A very trendy natchathiram kolam without dots that has stars around stars

Star kolam designs can be drawn on Tuesday for Murugan
Lord Subramanya is Murugan in Tamil Nadu.  Murugu means beautiful .  In any of his temples you will find that He is very handsome.

Aadi velli special kolam | Best aadi velli kolam 
This combination of stars with lines give a beautiful traditional effect for the Aadi ( called Ashada in Hindi , Marathi ) month  which is famous in Tamil Nadu for beautiful kolams, Pooja for Amman ( Durga ) .  
Actually the celebrations last for nearly four months in Tiruverkadu  Karumari Amman temple where there are different types of kudam taken to the temple every Sunday during this season
Star padi kolam images step by step are given here.
Two line patterns are preferred for decorating padi kolam , particularly if we draw for Karthigai 
Decorations with lines are shown
Beauty of padi kolam is enhanced when we draw thin lines , drawing thin lines in kolangal is an art by itself.
Karthigai Deepam and Diwali have a lot of similarities
For both festivals we light lamps , a lot of them.
Two birds are drawn we can convert them into peacocks to make them suitable for Karthigai Deepam festival 
I have used a star pattern even at the centre.
Add colours to make it a star padi kolam with colours 

Star rangoli designs are quite popular in this art and also for Friday .  It is our tradition to draw a padi kolam for Fridays.  So I have started with a basic padi kolam square pattern ( some draw it with curved lines ) .  
For the square I have used 4 lines and for the stars I have used two lines.  Then decorated the star with straight line borders - again two of them to make a total of 4 lines for the stars also. 
Traditionally we use 2,4 or 5 lines ( In our family we use five lines also though some prefer even number of lines ).  Coming to the rangoli ,  The gaps are filled with birds patterns.  The centre of the padi kolam I usually fill with diagonal lines and dots .  For this design I have again used a star pattern at the centre.  Decorate inside or outside with kaavi border.
The next kolam uses stars , lotus and birds , the lotus flower associated with Goddess Laxmi and Friday.  So we can have this as one of our Navratri kolam or Varalakshmi Pooja rangoli designs.

We can draw this as a star kolam with colour Pooja
The next star rangoli or nakshatra kolam uses a dot grid .  The steps through  pictures
The dot pattern is 12 dots - 2 rows then 11,10,9 , 8 and 9 again.

The stars are drawn first ,  using the dot grid.

I try to show a close up of the rangoli with the hand in many images for two reasons,  one we can get a better idea  and two the position of the fingers holding the rangoli powder is visible for those who may need it.  Also there is one more reason ,  it is easy to show at which step or which direction the rangoli is in process. These traditional kolam are quite awesome , aren't they.
Star rangoli , small
A very common rangoli that is seen in temples , mutts.  The star patterns appear inter twined .  In Puja room it is our tradtion to draw two or four lines.  The images show the steps as usual , as one can expect in Rangolisansdots where in many posts I have shared the pictures showing the intermediate steps .

We should underestimate this kolam, small but tricky
So I have added few photos to show the steps
Draw two lines if you want to draw in your Pooja.  
Sashti viratham kolam 
Star design is associated with Lord Muruga ( Subramanya )  hence these designs can be drawn for Sashti or Kanda Sashti vratham.The next series of pictures show a basic star pattern converted into a beautiful kolam , a 7 into 4 dot pattern is used 

Only lines and rose buds for decoration
Star at the centre.  Can be tried for simple rangoli for Bhogi or Sankranthi
If you want nakshatra rangoli designs, nakshatra muggu some of these rangolis can be used.

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Small rangoli with dots

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