Basant Panchami rangoli Vasant Panchami rangolis

This gallery of designs with steps through the images is created by tools available in our homes.

The first rangoli above , we start with a circle that can be drawn using any plate available in our homes.  Using this as the base the patterns are created with rangoli colours and cotton bud. The next rangoli uses cookie cutters and CD.

Place the CD as shown in the image then place cookie cutters of different decreasing diameter as shown and fill with different colours.

Innovative rangoli designs without chukki
Innovative pulli illatha kolam ideas 

Cookie cutters are placed in four directions and then in the gaps

Using dots and cotton buds create patterns

Creative muggulu using tools at home

Using a rangoli stencil is one of the easiest ways of creating a rangoli.

Using a rangoli filler spread the colour evenly.
Remove the stencil.  Actually I have used two colours , blue for the periphery and orange for the central designs.
Next is using dots and cotton buds form patterns to extend the design
Diyas are placed for decoration to make the ambiance more beautiful.

Strainers used in the kitchen can also be used for creating symmetrical patterns.

After filling the gaps with different colours remove the strainer gently so that the rangoli does not get smudged.
Using a cotton bud form floral patterns


Decorate further as shown in the images above to get this simple and beautiful design

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