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Thirukadaiyur Abhirami Amman temple

Abhirami Amman temple story ( stori es ) This temple  is associated with "Amritha " the Nectar for which the Devas and Asuras fought.  The sannidhi of Kalla Varana Pillaiyur ( Lord Ganesh ) who took the Amrita Kalasam is in this temple and hence associated with this legend. The blessings received by Sage Markendaya from Lord Shiva who saved him  is also at this place according to mythology. Few centuries ago Goddess Abhirami blessed Abhirami Bhattar . Abhirami Bhattar on Thai Amavasai ( Amavasaya after Makara Sankranti )  He was in a trance and told the King, Sarfoji of Thanjavur ( he was a Maratta King ) that it was a full moon day. It was actually a new moon.  Pleased with Bhattars prayers that is sang in the form of Abhirami Andhadi ,  Goddess threw Her huge ear rings called Thatanka in the sky and the brilliance made it appear like a full moon ! So overall it is a very Punya Kshethram and we have to visit . Thirukadaiyur temple timings Since we went during Margazhi th