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Varalakshmi Pooja

Preparation of the Pooja Mantap - We have an old mantap made from rose wood that has been used for Varalakshmi Pooja and Ganesh Chathurthi for many decades in our family.  The mantap is washed so that it becomes clean.  It is then decorated with rangoli borders on all four sides and at the centre we draw an auspicious rangoli - Hridaya Kamalam or Aishwarya Kolam with a kaavi border. To the front columns of the mantap are attached plantain plants and a maavilai thoranam.  If they are not easily available replicas made from brass are used.  Varalakshmi Habba coocnut face decoration The fibres of a coconut which is naturally shaped properly are removed.  Water is mixed to turmeric powder and the paste is applied to the coconut thoroughly.  Then kumkum is applied the coocnut as shown in the image between two eyes of the coconut. Hase rangoli This rangoli or kolam is one the most favourite rangoli of our family for drawing in the Puja mantap in which the khalasa is placed.  It i