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Simple chariot kolam with dots Pongal

Easy ratham muggulu for Sankranthi or Ratha Saptami , simple ther kolam for Rathasapthami - if you looking for these ideas and have come to this website, I think you may like the rangoli I have shared.  After placing the dots, using simple repetitive designs  we can create beautiful chariot  rangoli .   The dot patttern is 9 and 5 dots 2 rows, 9,7 and 5 dots - 2 rows as shown with extra pairs of dots connecting both the dot grids See the images for the steps  Decorate with pennant ( flag ), Sun ( yes it is His festival ) , plantain trees   We can draw for Sankranthi or Ratha saptami.   Decorate with kaavi .  Only one wheel is visible in the side view.  It is also believed that since Sun travels slowly , 365 days to come back to the same place again , one wheel is draw to represent  slowness in  the orbit .  The chariot is created with simple repetitive patterns.  

Chariot sikku kolam for Pongal festival

The dot pattern is 11 ,9 and 7 each 2 rows and 7, 5 and 3 dots - each 2 rows at the top with extra two dots.  This can also be called as ther kolam for Pongal or melikala ratham muggulu. These rangoli designs are also popular for Ratha Saptami apart from Sankranti festival.  Both festivals are celebrated for Sun God . The plantain trees which are used for auspicious occasions are shown with sikku kolam patterns    Flags or pennants are part of the decoration.  Sorry I have shared the images as drawn , so the view may be from the other side .  I hope it is not difficult to understand Decorate with kaavi after completion.  We can draw for Ratha Sapthami also 

Easy muggulu with 11 chukkalu

The dot pattern is 11 by 6 .  The images show the steps for the rangoli.  Connect the dots with straight lines.  Add patterns as shown in the above pic .  The rangoli is ready .

Simple beautiful kolam with dots

A small and tricky kolam , so I have shown the step by step pics.  Can be drawn for our daily kolam at the entrance.  This is a a 6 dots kolam = 6 dot 2 rows then 4 and 2 .  If you want a simple chukki rangoli without colours or one of the most traditional chukkala muggulu refer the pictures below White kolam step by step       Simple decorations make it more beauteous                                                     

Parijatham poo kolam 19-10 dots rangoli

This is a bigger version of a kolam drawn with eleven dots.  An old and traditional kolam that can be drawn for Ugadi, New Year or Sankranthi .  Though it is a big kolam it is quite simple.                  Step by step pictures for big rangoli designs also for festivals like Bhogi, Diwali  This can be categorised as a chukki rangoli big size   Rangoli tip - draw the lines with confidence without stopping , lines without joints improve the attractiveness of  the rangoli  I have shared only the white kolam , we can add colours in the geometric shapes and shade in few places for festival decoration  without obfuscating the white rangoli     I reiterate , to get an attractive rangoli , we should ensure that the curved lines drawn connecting the dots should be smooth and without joints i.e they should  be drawn in a single stretch.  The secrets for achieving these are concentration and practice .