Parijatham poo kolam 19-10 dots rangoli

This is a bigger version of a kolam drawn with eleven dots.  An old and traditional kolam that can be drawn for Ugadi, New Year or Sankranthi .  Though it is a big kolam it is quite simple.  

               Step by step pictures for big rangoli designs also for festivals like Bhogi, Diwali 
This can be categorised as a chukki rangoli big size  
Rangoli tip - draw the lines with confidence without stopping , lines without joints improve the attractiveness of  the rangoli 
I have shared only the white kolam , we can add colours in the geometric shapes and shade in few places for festival decoration  without obfuscating the white rangoli   

 I reiterate , to get an attractive rangoli , we should ensure that the curved lines drawn connecting the dots should be smooth and without joints i.e they should  be drawn in a single stretch.  The secrets for achieving these are concentration and practice .

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