Simple chariot kolam with dots Pongal

Easy ratham muggulu for Sankranthi or Ratha Saptami , simple ther kolam for Rathasapthami - if you looking for these ideas and have come to this website, I think you may like the rangoli I have shared.  After placing the dots, using simple repetitive designs  we can create beautiful chariot  rangoli .  


The dot patttern is 9 and 5 dots 2 rows, 9,7 and 5 dots - 2 rows as shown with extra pairs of dots connecting both the dot grids

See the images for the steps 
Decorate with pennant ( flag ), Sun ( yes it is His festival ) , plantain trees 

 We can draw for Sankranthi or Ratha saptami.  Decorate with kaavi .  Only one wheel is visible in the side view.  It is also believed that since Sun travels slowly , 365 days to come back to the same place again , one wheel is draw to represent  slowness in  the orbit .  The chariot is created with simple repetitive patterns.  

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