Independence Day rangoli theme simple ideas

 1. Independence Day rangoli competition - a simple design


2. Simple Independence Day rangoli designs for beginniners


Two rangoli designs for Independence Day competition ideas.  We can make it big or small according to our needs.  In the first rangoli the diameter of circles can be increased or decreased to make it large or small.  So also in the second rangoli design.  The number of birds we draw decides the size of the rangoli image.
Birds represent freedom, peace , hence they have been chosen for the theme .  I have chosen orange white and green green colours   I have added a pair of birds in blue to represent the ida of India. 
The birds are flying and so they denote or represent freedom.  Two  simple rangolis that symbolically represents Independence Day. Birds rangoli designs can also be used for Women's day to represent freedom and liberty for women.
For the second rangoli, sprinkle rangoli powder  to get a suitable background.
 Draw a number of birds free hand  There are a few more ways of drawing birds using rangoli powder and I will use them depending upon the theme and occasion.
These two pictures should give us ideas ( we can try something different too using these themes ) for Independence Day celebrations at office or school.                      

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