Top 5 rangoli designs for Diwali

 Best rangoli for cometition no. 1 
I have shared the rangoli design in the descending order i.e 1,2,3,4, 5 of the top designs in my opinion.  Please comment what in your opinion is the best in this collection.  The first rangoli uses a flower pattern .
I have used just two colours to shade.  Please note that I draw free hand designs without any aids.  I do not draw the pattern first with a piece of chalk.  If we practice regularly we can get better at symmetry.  
Best rangoli for kolam competitions no. 2
I just love the orange colour used in the periphery.  Actually this is what makes the rangoli stand out in what is otherwise a simple pattern.
Best and easy rangoli no 3 
A very popular rangoli on social media particularly YouTube few years ago.  Making use of the square base at the centre is an easy way to create a rangoli for festival.  I have not used any colours.  What we have to observe is the absence of any joints in the curved lines.  If we draw without joints the beauty of a rangoli is enhanced manifold.
Best simple rangoli designs for Diwali no. 4 
There should be at least one rangoli with diya or lamp patterns since Diwali is after all a festival of lights.  It is probably one of the easiest and simplest diyas rangoli with dots.  Hope you will try it.
Best small rangoli no. 5                           
The image above may be useful for beginners who are trying traditional method of drawing for the festival.  It is a small and cute design.   Mast rangoli is a common comment on my videos on Facebook.                    

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