Rangoli tricks for Diwali - small dots

 Rangoli tips tricks and techniques 

Placing dots is a very important aspect of drawing beautiful rangoli designs.  They should appear like dots ( discussion is on  traditional kolam )

and not like small thick lines. 

 First take minimum quantity of white rangoli powder. It is available with many vendors.  In Tamil Nadu it sold by street vendors 

 More the quantity, bigger the dots .  Also releasing the powder with thumb should be controlled to get small and beautiful dots or bindu.

For getting beautiful small , round dots, the texture of the powder should be right and minimum quantity should be taken.

Optimum texture can be obtained by mixing thoroughly 3 parts of white rangoli ( sieved ) with 1 part of rice flour. 

Kolam as it is called in Tamil Nadu , means beauty , actually beauty in symmetry .  Beauty is achieved by various methods .  Placing small dots is one of them.

As they say small is beautiful.  Only when weget good control of our fingers we can draw thin lines , long lines , place small dots etc. 

This post may also have answers to how to keep dots or chukki .  More rangoli tips are available in this blog 

The pic below shows beauty of using small and uniform dots in the design.

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