Very small kolam designs for flats

1) Very small and easy rangoli 
2) The pic below shows how to draw a deepam kolam with 5 to 1 dots 
3) Smallest rangoli ( in the world ! ) but it is popular as an Instagram reel. You never know which video goes viral 
4) The small bird kolam below uses a 3 by 3 dots .  Shading at the right places should be done 
5) A very small and easy maavilai ( mango leaf ) rangoli
6) Rangoli tip _ Various options for drawing floral designs in rangoli
 Two of the constraints that we face at present are time and space .  Many live in flats and particularly if the entrances of neighbours are very close space to draw our daily rangoli becomes a premium.  Similarly time is also a factor in many homes because both husband and wife are office goers.  So a few very small rangoli designs in this post for our vasal kolangal 
The next image shows a collection of small small rangolis that we can add to our inventory .  Some of them can be used to decorate the periphery of an already drawn design
Browse this website for hundreds or thousands ( I have lost count !) of simple to difficult rangoli designs and techniques. 

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